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V6 (and other Japanese artists/people/actors) Fanatic right here. :D
But... most of my entries are mainly about V6 (with the occasional Arashi and such).
I say that with no offense to other Japanese singers, but I think I am more of a V6 blogger.
So if you are open to knowing more JE groups and especially V6, then be my guest :D

☆I am open to requests.
☆If you are looking for something ARASHI or V6 (or anything JAPANESE-RELATED IN GENERAL) and need an extra hand at finding it, I'll be here to help you. Just say "hi" and comment on any of my posts (preferably the intro post)and I'll see what I can do.
☆Some (as in, 0.09%) posts are friend locked ^^;;
☆I won't credit your things as my things, so don't credit my things as your things.
☆But most importantly, ENJOY whatever is on my random blog and HAVE FUN! ^^

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☆Proud American Born Asian :D (Chinese descendant to be exact)
☆I once in a while make spams, write long to short posts about things.

Ahaha... there's a lot to say, but i will only write very little. ;p I guess I'll start with.. I'm here for ranting, posting, watching and writing about JE. XD Why else would I be here?

V6 was the first group I listened to, so they became top on my list of JE groups. News and Arashi are tied second because my sister introduced them to me, but I began to know them at the same time. Then Kat-tun and Kanjani8. Then Kinki Kids because of Domoto Kyoudai XD. But the real first Johnny I liked was Ikuta Toma, and I didn't even know he was a Johnny then. XD So, here I am. I am here on LJ because of Johnny's Entertainment.

I made an LJ account because I wanted to watch part 2 of V6's Gakkou e Ikkou: 10th anniversary trip! Yes, hardsubbed by newshfan! Thanks to her, I am now a V6 addict O.O But now that she's done, I turned to V6 communities I never knew about and other JE groups I didn't knew were from the same company as V6. Therefore, thank you to all who have contributed to these communities I've joined. =3 A shout out to all, live and laugh everyday whether or not it is our last day to live.

I also maintain a community: wasabiness
But it's not really active right now. I'm still trying to think of what to use it for...

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