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30 April 2016 @ 05:04 pm

Whoa! You okay?? Good. Thanks for stumbling by! ;D
My name is Crystal! I'm a fellow V6 boyband fangirl who loves Jpop, Jdramas, Kpop, some Kdramas, and a whole lot of American shows.
Click here for more about me. Enjoy my LJ home and if you have any questions, comment below or PM me! :D
Sadly, I am not as active as I was years ago. Feel free to follow me on Tumblr! Click the icon below!

{Last Updated: Apr. 13, 2014}
14 February 2016 @ 02:46 am
This index was requested by a newly befriended V6 fan: ialexa5
I hope everyone has been doing well in this fandom! This post is not stating my return to LJ yet.
I have been very busy with college and I wished I was still in highschool, which was so long ago. (cries)

Anyways, without further ado, here are the episodes I cross checked with imiris's entry in  v6_unlimited
I hope that these are all of the episodes. If anything is missing/incorrect, please let me know!
This is not the COMPLETE LIST, for I cannot find anything else to cross check it with.
I DID NOT upload any of the videos provided.
If you would like to download some of them, go to this specific tag in v6_unlimited

(Not sure when I'll make the summaries.)
(Some of the episodes could not be found :l Guess you'll just have to download it from a community.)
(This show has so many different names. It's ridiculous.)

MACH BUIROKU // マッハブイロク // 超速V6 // MAHA V6 // MACH V6

(PLAYLIST of most of the episodes)

Ep 01 - 2000.04.06
Ep 02 - 2000.04.13
Ep 03 - 2000.04.20
Ep 04 - 2000.04.27
Ep 05 - 2000.05.04
Ep 06 - 2000.05.11
Ep 07 - 2000.05.18
Ep 08 - 2000.05.25
Ep 09 - 2000.06.01
Ep 10 - 2000.06.08
Ep 11 - 2000.06.15
Ep 12 - 2000.06.22
Ep 13 - 2000.06.29
Ep 14 - 2000.07.13
Ep 15 - 2000.07.20
Ep 16 - 2000.07.27

Ep 17 - 2000.08.03
Ep 18 - 2000.08.10
Ep 19 - 2000.08.17
Ep 20 - 2000.08.24
Ep 21 - 2000.08.31
Ep 22 - 2000.09.07

Ep 23 - 2000.09.14

V6の素 // V6 no Moto
V6 no Moto has a playlist made already.
So, I don't think I'll make an index like the above.
It's about 23 or 24 episodes. :D

MISSION V6 // ミッションV6

V6 Comical Hospital Ward // V6搞笑病栋 // Owarai V6 Byoutou // お笑いV6病棟!
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I'm off to LA tomorrow and I am pumped! Right now, the songs that are stuck in my head are from DCA's Minnie's Fly Girls Charter Airlines show. Here's a great video if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Anyways, I was sad that I couldn't find an official recording of the show :( I would love to listen to it on my downtime but oh wells. I was even more sad there were no lyrics for the "Fly Medley" song that's in the show. So... I decided to listen and type them out myself. I love humming this song and listening to it but I wanted to sing it with the correct lyrics for the longest time. So voila, I made them!

"Fly Medley" Lyrics ("You Can Fly!" + "When I See An Elephant Fly" + "Let's Go Fly A Kite!")Collapse )

Its such a great show. I was sad that it had it's last take off earlier this year :( I love everything about the show- the music, actors and actresses, theme, costumes, outfits, and choreography. Anyways, Here's another video that's worth sharing.

07 August 2014 @ 12:26 am
So, I've been obsessed with broadway musicals for a while and came across this one musical that was based off of one of my favorite princess books, A Little Princess. Andrew Lippa's interpretation/adaptation of this classic story was brilliantly put together (imho). I love many songs from this soundtrack and was sadden to find that there were no lyrics for any of the songs on the internet. So, I decided to listen and type them out. They are not 100% correct, so if you know the official lyrics, pleaseee PLEASE don't hesitate to correct me.

This is an on-going edited post so some lyrics are not yet provided. Also, these are song I like from the show.

Soon, My LoveCollapse )

Another WorldCollapse )

If the Tables Were TurnedCollapse )

Live Out LoudCollapse )
Well, now that summer has come, I have been okay.
Right now, I'm at Christina's place. A frat partying is happening and I can't concentrate on studying for the WST.
But who am I kidding, I wasn't studying at all anyways. :p
I've been watching PewDiePie too much recently. I've been inside like a hermit for too long too.

Anyways, I'm here in SJ. Its good to be back. The weather is much nicer and I love independence. I didn't do much today. i woke up. Showered. watched Pewdiepie. Went out to safeway and quickly's. used the library's bathroom. Then came back. Whoopdedoo

Also, Christina said that their neighbor is moving out and that she wants me to occupy it. I REALLY WANT TO. But I would feel bad ditching Mariam, Selena, and Lauren. But I think I would be more stress free if I lived with TIna and Shirley. Sighs. What to doooo.

Let's see. What else to talk about....

It was because I spent time with my Gal friends and actually attended panels, events, and signings this year. I went to the swap meet for the first time and so many people were able to recognize my Arrietty cosplay this year. No one did last year.
I also attended the Backstreet Boys feat. Avril Lavigne Concert. It. was. AWESOME. We were so close to the stage ;_____;
Instead of attending the Black and White ball at Fanime, I attended the BSB concert. SO WORTH IT.

Anyways, you probs want pics! I am too lazy to make commentary and stuff so I'll just link you to my photobucket album of Fanime 2014 :)
kiwiisoda's 2014 Fanime album on Photobucket

I forgot to thank fellow fangirl/LJfriend/overseasfriend milya_neechan !!!!!! She sent me a keychain and I've been using it on my backpack for college ever since. :) Lots of ppl commented on it.

I finished playing The Last of Us. I have mixed feelings about the game. But it is number four on my top 5 games list. The Uncharted Trilogy for PS3 is the top 3 ;D
03 March 2014 @ 03:09 pm
So over the winter break I finished watching Proposal Daisakusen. It's a frustrating drama to watch but it will stay with me for a long time.

But there is something more special about it than it being a drama.

When I was watching it one day, in the crisp afternoon, Kristie came back from her NEMS interview and sat at the dining table with me. She didn't say a word. She breathed in slow, quiet deep breaths and relaxed. The scene I'm watching plays the song in the background and Kristie comments about it.

"Every time this song plays in Jimmy's car I get so annoyed. But for some reason it is soothing right now. Its weird," she says.

I look over to her and smile a bit.

And that was probably my favorite memory that links to this song.

My old blogging account where I would post my very private posts has been deleted. :( 7 years of blogging gone just like that. I cannot express the sadness I feel right now.
But anyways. I won't let that stop me.
I hope LJ won't go away like Xanga.

Anyways, I'm attending college right now and so far, there has been many struggles.

During the first month of college, I began to develop a crush on my friend's guy friend. This was not a good thing because my friend already liked him. It was very painful to suppress my feelings for him because she was my best friend and it was the very first time I actually liked someone ever, and I couldn't even say it.

That dilemma was two months ago. Even though she recently gave up on him, I still feel like I shouldn't tell her that I liked him.

But I still feel like I could like him because he is the first guy who shared so many of the same interests as me. HE LISTENS SHIROTA YU. LIKE, HOLY CRAP. And he watched HANAZAKARI NO KIMITACHI E IKEMEN PARADISE. He listens to more K-pop, but that's fine because I listen to K-pop as well. He isn't an ikemen, but that doesn't matter because he dresses well and seems to take college seriously. He shares the same last name as me too! He loves Krystal Jung from f(x). MY NAME IS THE SAME AS HERS. THERE ARE SO MANY HINTS. LIKE, OMG I CANNOT NOT IGNORE THEM. He watches a TON of Korean Dramas. He is Chinese (and I am Chinese). He knows Japanese (and I know a little myself). He knows Korean (I know a little bit of that too). GOOD GOD. I wish I could tell my best friend all of this, but I can't. And she hints to me how I never really talk about guys. "GURL, I WANNA TELL YOU. I REALLY WISH I COULD. BUT I DON'T WANT YOU TO HATE ME. AND I DON'T WANT TO EFF UP OUR FRIENDSHIP."
(for once, I'm fangirling over a real guy omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg)
There's so much internal struggle that I feel that if I hangout with her too much, my heart will explode.
When I realized I had liked him, I cried like crazy inside.
I couldn't sleep.
I couldn't eat with my BF like normally.
And when He comes around to say hi, I avoid looking at him.

But he likes someone else. That's what my BF told me. She said that she gave up on him because he told her that he liked someone else. Ends up that he likes her best friend (which is not me. its this happa girl from school). Apparently, this happa girl doesn't feel the same towards him. She thinks of him as an older brother. So yeah.

I think there is a slight chance that he and I could be something.

But I don't know what to do or how to make that happen.
09 July 2013 @ 05:36 pm
My word, I am starting to forget everything that had happened at fanime D:

Black and White Ball: Sunday Night
So when I got back, we ate snacks and the rest of our thai food for dinner before going to the ball. We took showers which made us late an hour late. When we got there, my friends couldn't enter because they violated the dress code: dress was too short, heels were too tall, heels weren't thick enough. So, I had to wait for them to change for the half of the time I was there. :l But during that time, I got to witness the dance teachers perform. ;___; It was beautiful.

Ugh. ANYWAYS, luckily I had another group of friends who were already at the Ball I could hangout with. So we danced and stuff. :)
But of course, at any party with a lot of strangers, we were approached by the weirdest ppl.
I mean, I don't wanna be rude or anything, but there were a lot of guys who seemed like creepers. D: I wanted to give them a chance but once they open their mouths, I start to get CREEPED OUT. =_=
There was this guy who said, "Even though I don't have a hotel room, I have an apartment which is very close here." I mean, WHAT DO I WANT TO KNOW THAT FOR? I just want to dance with you, not get to know you. Its fine with you ask for my name and where I got to school, but I am not going to give you my number.
But besides the creepers, there were a number of really nice people.
And finally, my friends were allowed into the Ball! They had to tape duct tape on their heels to make it thicker. Ghetto, I know, but it was all they could do. And I got to dance with them :D

So that's about it for Black and White. It was a lot of fun and I got to know my friends better. ^^*

For dinner, we ate food from Jack in the Box.

Monday morning: (not too many pictures of this day)
I didn't take a shower after the ball (which is gross) so I woke up really early and took one. Afterwards, I couldn't sleep and took pictures of our hotel room. I also got dressed in my Chihiro cosplay because I was bored to death. No WiFi ;____; And then finally my friends woke up. Kiki decided to get dress to go to McDonalds with me. We bought breakfast for our friends and probably got the whole attention of McDonalds because we were in our cosplay.

When we got back, our friends were up and watching The Wizards of Waverly Place Movie. After we ate, we headed down to the Artist Alley because I wanted to buy something for once. When we got down there, lots of ppl were stopping us. I didn't realize it till then that my friends and I were cosplaying as the famous Miyazaki characters. A girl came up to us and asked us to sign her autograph book like we were face characters at Disneyland ;_____; It made my day so magical. I ended up buying a sticker of Arriety and a Keychain of Chihiro :D

And that concludes everything about fanime~! I have no pictures to show right now but next post will just be pictures. :)

10 June 2013 @ 10:43 am

Third day: (Sunday: Before Black and White Ball)

So its morning and I wake up to my friend Alice saying something really weird (but I completely forgot what she had said xD but i know that it was weird). And I was the last one to wake! Not that it mattered. My friends were already getting dressed in their cosplays, ready to head out. But I just kinda sat there and wondered what I should wear because the day before, not a lot of ppl knew who I cosplayed as even though I was with my group. :( EVEN MY FRIEND DIDN'T KNOW. SHE ASKED, "What are you? OH! WAIT. ARE YOU A SEWING KIT???" D': *CRIES* I was just, ugh. So freaking sad. But when I asked my friends, they said that younger kids (the newer generation) would probably know who I am and not know who they were. Plus they kept repeating how my Arrietty cosplay was way cooler and more rare than my Chihiro cosplay (which was true since I only spotted like three other Arriettys). So with that, I cosplayed as Arrietty xD Dressing up took most of our time because Kiki couldn't seem to get her bow right.

So we head to artist alley together I believe and Kiki kept forgetting to give ppl her croissants! I had to keep reminding her to give it to the next ppl who wanted our picture taken. (we still forgot).  When we head back to our hotel, we come across this small art gallery we became curious about. We ask the guy at the front of the door what the gallery was for and he said it was to showcase SJSU student's arts and storyboards along with concept art and completed animation projects. He let us in and made us feel like VIPs xD haha. We get hungry I think and go to subways.

After eating at Subways, we separated. Kiki and I browsed around the artist alley. While we were there, we saw the most cute and cool cosplays! I spotted a Tony stark but I didn't take a very good picture of him :l There were a lot of Tonys this year xD
By the way, Kiki has this gift of spotting the rare Ghibli characters.

She spotted Sheeta,


Howl with Sophie,

a Totoro in a cat bus,

and an Umi. She was so adorable! Out of all the Ghibli characters, we didn't think someone who cosplay as her!  I should've asked her where was Shun ;D She knew who i was cosplayed as!

On our way back to the hotel (because Kiki couldn't walk in her flats anymore), we waited at this intersection and next to us, I see this girl in a yellow dress and the guy in pink next to her.

I asked if they were Sophie and Howl and they were all like, "Yay! You can tell who we are!!!" I felt so happy pointing them out. It made their day!
There was some Sophie and Howls, but not alot of ppl would cosplay as them with their final outfits in the movie.

(A Sophie and Howl with the first outfits)

(A Sophie and Howl with the second outfits)

(And a stalker pic of the final outfits)

So anyways, at the room Kiki soaked her feet while I wonder if I should change into my Chihiro cosplay or not.
After an hour, I change into my Chihiro cosplay in hopes of finding a Haku to take a picture with since last year I took a picture with a No Face. And I also perfected the flowers that Chihiro holds at the beginning of the movie using the yellow belt from my Arrietty costume as the ribbon.

When we step outside of the hotel building, Kiki spots a group of friends who were cosplaying Miyazaki characters. But get this, THEY WERE COSPLAYING THE EXACT SAME CHARACTERS AS US. SO, I RAN UP TO THEM AND ASKED IF I COULD TAKE A PICTURE OF THEM AND WITH THEM.

At that moment, I had no regrets changing into my Chihiro cosplay. But I wished that our Ashi and Mono was there to take a picture with them.

We said our goodbyes and just 5 seconds later, Kiki spotted our Ashi and Mono from afar, walking towards us. I RAN UP TO ASHI AND DRAGGED HER WHILE EXPLAINING WHAT HAPPENED. THEN I RAN TO FIND THAT DOPPELGANGER GROUP. I approached the other Chihiro and asked if they could take a pic with us again. It was a moment that I still find amazing.

Then we went our separated ways again. Kiki heads to the Dealer Hall to buy her family things and there, I find ppl cosplaying characters from the PS3 game I play - UNCHARTED. I ran up to them and asked if I could take a picture. They were more than happy to and screamed, "WE WERE FINALLY NOTICEDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I was even more happy when I found out I made them happy. :)

After that, we head back to get ready for Black and White Ball.

Cosplays of that day:

Till the third part! :D

05 June 2013 @ 08:12 pm

SOOOO, it has been a good two weeks since I went to Fanime 2013 and I am so happy to have finally finished school so I can do this blog :D (i can't promise everything about this day is in order. D: I everything is a blurr)

First day: (Friday)
We checked into our hotel and headed down to get our Fanime badges. We pre-reg but it took us 4 hrs and 30 minutes to get it. *cries* the things we do for Fanime Con. It was around 11 pm by the time we got them. So we head back to our room and all of a sudden, we decided to show each other our cosplays by wearing them. It was fun, till we got hungry xD So we ate at the Johnny Rockets across the street from our hotel. Eating in our cosplays was really fun because we decided to "role-play". I can't even begin to start how hilarious my friends were. xD

(Crossover of Ghibli characters and props :D)

After eating, we ventured around our hotel in our cosplays, posing and doing random stuff.

Second day: (Saturday)
So my friends and I are cosplaying as a group, meaning we are all cosplaying as characters that are related to each other. Our relation is: Miyazaki Movies/ Studio Ghibli. :) Except one other friend only had a Korra cosplay. I have two cosplays I can wear, Chihiro and Arrietty. My friends said they wanted me to cosplay as Arrietty for the day.

We head to the Marriott to get my weapon (clothespin) and my friend (I'll refer to my friends as their cosplay names as weird as that may sound) Ashitaka's weapons "peace-bonded". I was a bit scared that my clothespin wasn't going to pass the inspection because it is made of actual metal and is probably considered a potential weapon. But I GOT THROUGH. IT FELT SO GREAT TO PASS PEACE-BONDING BECAUSE THE CLOTHESPIN WAS A MAJOR PART OF MY COSPLAY AND IT WOULD'VE SUCKED TO HAVE IT CONFISCATED. ;A; *SO HAPPY* except Ashitaka's bow wasn't allowed. Her bow's string had elasticity :l

Anywaysssss after that, we head back to our room and put some stuff down. We head back out to go to the Dealers Hall. So many people stopped and wanted to take pictures of us xD *its a really nice feeling when ppl ask for pictures* And we were also stopped many times in the Artist Alley. I saw SOOOO MANY CHIHIROS AND NO FACES THIS YEAR. Like, WHERE WERE YOU GUYS LAST YEAR? UGHHH. I was so sad to see No faces when I was dressed as Arrietty. D:

After, we head to the Artist Alley (which we had a hard time finding). We were so hungry, so we ate at a nearby Thai restaurant. THE FOOD WASS SO GOOOOD. Definitely coming back while in Uni.

Because of a certain turn of events during lunch, Kiki and I went to Safeway across the street to buy bread while Ashi and Mono ate lunch. Kiki was thinknig she should hand out dinner rolls to whoever asked to take a picture of our group. When we got there, this girl spazzed 'OMG KIKI IS BUYING BREAD!" She ended up buying Crossiants and Madelines. xD

After, our group divided. Mono and Ashi went to the Artist Gallery while Kiki and I went to the Dealers Hall. There, I found my friend who was cosplaying as the Matchmaker from Mulan. Later, Mono and Ashi met up with us at the Dealers Hall, making our group of friends bigger.
Just as we were about to exit the Hall, we saw a MULAN. JUST STANDING THERE. So we asked if she would take a picture with our MIA Matchmaker. She was so nice and waited for us to find our friend. This was such a priceless moment.

Then we go to the Gamer's Hall (hoping to become tumblr famous LOL jk) to take a look around. I wanted to play DDR but I was wearing boots, which I didn't want to ruin :l We spotted a Chihiro when we got there and an Arrietty when we were about to leave :D

After, we saw a No face passing out wasabi green peas ;___; WHY WASN'T I CHIHIROOO. I SHOULD BE A MAGIC GIRL AND TRANSFORM INTO CHIHIRO. *CRIES* I'm still happy cosplaying as Arrietty though.

Here's a pic of Mono and Ashi hugging a tree. :) THey are so in character (I think).

With walking around so much, Kiki became tired and wanted to go back to the hotel. As we walked into the lobby, my friends spot another Arrietty. I went up to her to ask to take a picture with her but she laughs and says, "I am not even in my full cosplay D: I feel so under dressed!" So I hand my sword and sugar cube to my friends so I could "match" with her.

Ashitaka and Mononoke wanted to learn the Salsa and Argentine tango. Korra was somewhere over the rainbow. And me? Well, I deicded to keep Kiki company in the room. We took pictures and talked alot. It reminded me of the first day at Fanime 2012 where we were the only ones in the hotel room and exhausted. We also fooled around with perspective.

After resting, we checked the time and decided to go to the Argentine Tango class. But before we do, I change out of my Arrietty cosplay into my Chihiro cosplay. When we get down there, another Chihiro comes up to me and spazzes xD She was so cute and I asked if I could have a picture with her. I lent her my flowers while I held my card. I look so tired and angry in this picture. Sorry xD

(After we dance, I don't really remember what happens next)
Afterwards, we head back to our room to meet up with our other friends Alice and Julia. Korra heads back to SF for a while. In the meantime, we hang around and take turns taking showers. We ate our leftovers from lunch and soaked our feets in the tub. There was alot of bonding time which I enjoy alot. We stayed up pretty late watching episodes of Wizards of Waverly place because we were waiting for Korra to comeback from SF. After, I believe I was the first to KO. I can't remember what I dreamt about xD

Cosplays of the day:

Till the second part :D see ya!

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